30 Days of Thankful 2017 | Day 03

30 Days of Thankful is a gratitude project run by Cathy Zielske each November. For more on this project, you can read this post. Each day in November I will share one thing that I am grateful for with a photo and some words. I’m also sharing it on Instagram @julieloveg. Join in! Have fun with it! Let’s document gratitude together!

03/30 I am grateful to be a MAKER.

Yesterday I spent the entire day sharing and creating for two creative passions: memory keeping + making handmade bath + beauty products.

In the morning, I had the privilege of presenting about personal transformation through Self-Portraits at my MOPS group. It was SO GOOD. And the opportunity reignite my passion for getting in front of the camera and storytelling my own story (more on that later!).

The evening was dedicated to making a bunch of awesome soaps, dry shampoo, lip scrubs, and face wash for today’s Elementary School PTO Sale.

I am so grateful. I AM SO GRATEFUL! It is so much fun to make these products. The process is a fun, creative indulgence. And knowing that they’re going to be used to care for themselves just makes it that much sweeter.



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