30 Days of Thankful 2017 | Day 05

30 Days of Thankful is a gratitude project run by Cathy Zielske each November. For more on this project, you can read this post. Each day in November I will share one thing that I am grateful for with a photo and some words. I’m also sharing it on Instagram @julieloveg. Join in! Have fun with it! Let’s document gratitude together!

05/30 I am Grateful to be an Independent Ambassador for Noonday Collection

Friend, can I tell you? I am SO GRATEFUL for Noonday Collection and all that it has helped to push me SO FAR outside my shell and do all the things I always wanted to do, but was too afraid to do.

Like tonight, when I pulled together a SUPER fun event with a local wine vendor, with two friends that sell chemical-free makeup by the AMAZING BeautyCounter, and skincare that makes your face sparkle, at the most AWESOME women’s consignment shop I’ve ever seen (which, conveniently, happens to be located in town)!!

I am grateful that I have a reason to advocate for artisans in the developing world, creating a marketplace for their goods, and spreading a message of love and support and goodness, all with the awesome bonus of also handling some gorgeous and totally unique accessories.

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I have never been so proud to be an ambassador for an organization! And I am truly grateful to have found Noonday and to be willing to say YES to making this happen for myself.

For more on Noonday, visit this page, join my Facebook Group, or shop the collection here.





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