30 Days of Thankful | Day 02

30 Days of Thankful is a gratitude project run by Cathy Zielske each November. For more on this project, you can read this post. Each day in November I will share one thing that I am grateful for with a photo and some words. I’m also sharing it on Instagram @julieloveg. Join in! Have fun with it! Let’s document gratitude together!

02/30 I am grateful for days at home with my girl.

She is fierce and wild and a loving companion. At times, I wish these days away… like when she’s climbing on furniture or throwing a tantrum because I said “no” (yes, we’re in that phase).

But then there are glimmers of what life will be (soon): like this one.

This might be the most Adeline-esque photograph in existence: her, lounging, on the couch, with her favorite toy (the remote), choosing a show like she knows what she’s doing. She is 13 months, going on 13 years.

I am truly TRULY GRATEFUL to have the opportunity to capture her natural self, alone, without a brother to bother her, or a daddy to obsess about.

Just her. Adeline.

Lounging while watching Thomas the train, despite my persistence about Sesame Street.

She is her own person. She has opinions and thoughts and ideas that only she knows. And as soon as she can sound out the words to voice all the things in her head, it’ll be nonstop chatter in this house.

For now, we lounge. Notice. And appreciate all that is SHE.



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