Friend. YES. Can I tell you something?

It is SO so good that YOU are here.

It is SO so good for me to be here.

It is SO so good to be writing this, living emotionally and spiritually in a place where I am ready to share my journey with you.

Friend, I have been waiting and waiting for this moment to come for a long time now. To get to a place where I can start writing and sharing all that I’ve been working on this year.

You see, I started this year with one goal in mind: to bring security, stillness, and stability into my life. To feel my feet on the ground. And to stand tall, knowing that my footing is securely rooted in each aspect of my life. From family, to my body, to my profession, and my mind. All whole. All clear. All confidently, securely in place.

I chose a word for this year: SECURE. It’s not sexy and certainly doesn’t immediately build a sense of inspiration, but it is EXACTLY what I needed to bring me to where I needed to be.

Then, as has been the pattern in my life for some time, things got a little shook up, I felt myself falling off balance, and I chose stillness, quiet, and a bit of retreating into myself to find solid ground.

And it was okay. It was fine. Because I knew, in my heart, that life doesn’t always grant us the space to build our ideal lives, but if we try, it can give us exactly what we need to get there. 

Professionally, as a yoga teacher, I am on both feet. Personally, as someone who has reached a period of transition and whole living after years of trying, I am clear. As a mom, as a member of this little family, I am whole. And that is all I ever wanted from the beginning.

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All of that is to say: I’m good, you guys. Really, really good. And I am SO so excited to share all that is coming with you. From daily inspiration, to all of the fun little projects in my pipeline. I want this space to be somewhere we can connect, have interesting conversations, to get deeper, and get into the stuff that makes us tick. If that sounds interesting to you, join my Facebook Group: Be The LOVE. I promise it will take a lot of fun twists and turns in this next year. And I would love for you to join me on that journey.


See you there!




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