30 Days of Thankful 2017 | Day 05

30 Days of Thankful is a gratitude project run by Cathy Zielske each November. For more on this project, you can read this post. Each day in November I will share one thing that I am grateful for with a photo and some words. I’m also sharing it on Instagram @julieloveg. Join in! Have fun with it! Let’s document gratitude together!

05/30 I am Grateful to be an Independent Ambassador for Noonday Collection

Friend, can I tell you? I am SO GRATEFUL for Noonday Collection and all that it has helped to push me SO FAR outside my shell and do all the things I always wanted to do, but was too afraid to do.

Like tonight, when I pulled together a SUPER fun event with a local wine vendor, with two friends that sell chemical-free makeup by the AMAZING BeautyCounter, and skincare that makes your face sparkle, at the most AWESOME women’s consignment shop I’ve ever seen (which, conveniently, happens to be located in town)!!

I am grateful that I have a reason to advocate for artisans in the developing world, creating a marketplace for their goods, and spreading a message of love and support and goodness, all with the awesome bonus of also handling some gorgeous and totally unique accessories.

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I have never been so proud to be an ambassador for an organization! And I am truly grateful to have found Noonday and to be willing to say YES to making this happen for myself.

For more on Noonday, visit this page, join my Facebook Group, or shop the collection here.





30 Days of Thankful 2017 | Day 04

30 Days of Thankful is a gratitude project run by Cathy Zielske each November. For more on this project, you can read this post. Each day in November I will share one thing that I am grateful for with a photo and some words. I’m also sharing it on Instagram @julieloveg. Join in! Have fun with it! Let’s document gratitude together!

04/30 I am Grateful for Where I Live + Friends that Live Here.

I am so grateful for my awesome little town. For spending an entire day meeting friends, talking Noonday Collection + soap, and capping it off with delicious homemade pizza, wine, and cookies from the school’s bake sale.

I am grateful for our elementary school’s PTO for putting on an AWESOME vendor event on a Saturday morning and allowing us to help support our kids, connect with one another, and chat beyond the daily scramble of pickup/drop-off (for REAL, you guys!).

And I am SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for my friend who hosted a Noonday Collection event tonight. Her hostessing skills are AMAZING! I am just so incredibly grateful to know her!



30 Days of Thankful 2017 | Day 03

30 Days of Thankful is a gratitude project run by Cathy Zielske each November. For more on this project, you can read this post. Each day in November I will share one thing that I am grateful for with a photo and some words. I’m also sharing it on Instagram @julieloveg. Join in! Have fun with it! Let’s document gratitude together!

03/30 I am grateful to be a MAKER.

Yesterday I spent the entire day sharing and creating for two creative passions: memory keeping + making handmade bath + beauty products.

In the morning, I had the privilege of presenting about personal transformation through Self-Portraits at my MOPS group. It was SO GOOD. And the opportunity reignite my passion for getting in front of the camera and storytelling my own story (more on that later!).

The evening was dedicated to making a bunch of awesome soaps, dry shampoo, lip scrubs, and face wash for today’s Elementary School PTO Sale.

I am so grateful. I AM SO GRATEFUL! It is so much fun to make these products. The process is a fun, creative indulgence. And knowing that they’re going to be used to care for themselves just makes it that much sweeter.



30 Days of Thankful | Day 02

30 Days of Thankful is a gratitude project run by Cathy Zielske each November. For more on this project, you can read this post. Each day in November I will share one thing that I am grateful for with a photo and some words. I’m also sharing it on Instagram @julieloveg. Join in! Have fun with it! Let’s document gratitude together!

02/30 I am grateful for days at home with my girl.

She is fierce and wild and a loving companion. At times, I wish these days away… like when she’s climbing on furniture or throwing a tantrum because I said “no” (yes, we’re in that phase).

But then there are glimmers of what life will be (soon): like this one.

This might be the most Adeline-esque photograph in existence: her, lounging, on the couch, with her favorite toy (the remote), choosing a show like she knows what she’s doing. She is 13 months, going on 13 years.

I am truly TRULY GRATEFUL to have the opportunity to capture her natural self, alone, without a brother to bother her, or a daddy to obsess about.

Just her. Adeline.

Lounging while watching Thomas the train, despite my persistence about Sesame Street.

She is her own person. She has opinions and thoughts and ideas that only she knows. And as soon as she can sound out the words to voice all the things in her head, it’ll be nonstop chatter in this house.

For now, we lounge. Notice. And appreciate all that is SHE.



30 Days of Thankful 2017 | Day 01

30 Days of Thankful is a gratitude project run by Cathy Zielske each November. For more on this project, you can read this post. Each day in November I will share one thing that I am grateful for with a photo and some words. I’m also sharing it on Instagram @julieloveg. Join in! Have fun with it! Let’s document gratitude together!

01/30 I am grateful for conversations with Max at age FIVE.

Somewhere between this conversation and the 45 minutes of questions and affirmations that came after this conversation, my heart was full.

Max: mommy, take a picture of me squirting myself in the eye!
Me: um.. maybe just pretend?
Max: DO IT!!!
Me: *takes picture*
Max: *looks at picture*
Max: Take it again!
(Repeat, 15 times)

As trying as it is, and IT SURE IS, I absolutely love Max at age 5. I love the bizarre, but well thought out questions and conversations we have about space, who is “strongest”, and the limits of the human body. I love that he tries to stump me with quiz questions (and he does!) and that every car ride inevitably includes me pronouncing “LAST question, then we’re having quiet time”, because he wants to talk to me about EVERYTHING.

Conservations at five are fun. Pure fun. And I’m absolutely grateful for every single one.




Introducing: 30 Days of Thankful – A Gratitude Project

Hi friends!

If you’re not in there yet, you NEED TO jump on over to my Facebook group Be The Love! Every week I post a LIVE video – usually on Mondays – where I share what I am reading/learning/practicing to get more aligned with myself, to dive deeper, and to continue to grow as a person.


It’s a passionate share of my love affair with self-improvement, something I can’t ever seem to get enough of.

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This week I shared the work that I’ve done in the past with 30 days of Thankful – a project I have done EVERY YEAR since 2012.

Here’s the idea.

What is a Gratitude Project?

It’s super simple. Every day in the month of November, I take a couple of minutes to document something that I am grateful for. I take a photo, I write some words, I drop it all into a small scrapbook and call it good.

If you’re not familiar with gratitude, you should really just watch the live video I did this week in the Facebook group. In 2 minutes, I give you 50 ideas on how to do this whole Gratitude thing. It’s easy.

My Project in 2017

This year I’m taking it a step further. This year I’m writing a rampage of gratitude (something I picked up from Jess Lively’s podcast this summer). The basic idea is to write for a set number of minutes (or as long as you want) about each and every thing you’re grateful for.

When you’re doing it, you are also thinking really positively and feeling the emotion of gratitude.

It gets you in a really awesome mood. No joke. It’s SOOO GOOD.


Stay tuned to hear more on the progress. And check back daily as I share ALL THE THINGS I’m grateful for this month!




Let’s Change the Way We View the Selfie

Hi friends! This post was originally published in April 2015 on my former blog How I Sustain. I’m adding it here because it’s such an important and relevant post and subject still today. It’s about loving yourself, starting with the INSIDE. Curious? Read more. Enjoy!

I love every opportunity I get to improve myself and my favorite self-improvement moments tend to involve actively working through my own insecurities. It’s hard work, but the payoff is absolutely worth it.

When I first discovered Project Life and pocket scrapbooking in 2012, it didn’t take long for me to notice that many of my favorite layouts by my favorite designers included pictures of themselves (selfies). I remember simultaneously admiring them and thinking “That’s amazing. I could never do that”.

I thought about it. A lot.

Truly, more than I care to admit.

There were so many moments, so many favorite outfits, and so many favorite memories that I wanted to capture of myself – and I didn’t. And the reason I didn’t capture them was because I was self-conscious about how other people would perceive me.

My inner critic looked at selfies as self-indulgent, selfish, and grossly unnecessary. It hated the angles that I used and the way things translated onto camera. It hated how imperfect or grainy or strangely lit the photos were. It hated the fact that I took a picture. It hated the entire thing.

I think most people know at least one person that sees self-portraits as something negative. And as much as I love my friends and family, the selfie trend hasn’t exactly caught on in my social circles. So when I want to take a picture of myself, I know what they’re thinking. And that’s why, for a long time, I didn’t take them. Even when I was alone, I carried that fear and judgement with me.

But as I looked through my own albums, and admired pictures of my favorite coffee shop, my best friends, my husband, my dogs, my garden, and my family – it was obvious that there was only one thing missing from my album: me.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how important it was for me to be in my own albums. And I realized that I really like selfies. And that I didn’t care what other people thought.  And, five years from now, I know that my future self I would want to see me in the album too.

First Prompt

Today the first post (my prompt) for the #myselfiescrapbook project can be found here.

Everyone, I’m telling you now, just being connected to this group of talented memory keepers and designers for this FREE project is such an outstanding opportunity. And it’s inspired me to push myself. And I’m in love with what I’m creating for this project.

My Layouts

After literally YEARS of debate, I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase Photoshop. It’s been 2 days and after a few quick tutorials, I’m completely in love with this program. I still feel very strongly that it’s not necessary to make beautiful scrapbooks, but in terms of what I want to do with design, it’s a necessity. And I’m very VERY happy with my work already (if you don’t have photoshop, but want to make a digital album, check out this post).

But let me add this: the layouts, the photographs, the prompts, the class – it’s all part of this wonderfully inspired moment I’m having right now. And it’s in part because I’m working with, and connected to, a lot of talented ladies that have helped me reign in my style and, unknown to them, absolutely pushed me to be better at what I love. And I’m happy to be where I am.

So here are my layouts. For more on the story behind these photos, and to create your own, check out all of our posts, now re-blogged at Little Paper Projects.


Page 1 and 2 | Created using materials provided by The Teal Lime Press; word art by Ali Edwards

Happy snapping, friends!




Noonday Collection

FRIENDS. You guys. OMG. I AM SO GRATEFUL to be able to announce that I am officially an Independent Ambassador for Noonday Collection!!!! GAHH!

After nearly a decade volunteering in international development, I can tell you: it is RARE to find a company so driven to support and work with artisans all over the world, to help them build their own lives, to treat them with dignity and respect, and to co-create GORGEOUS pieces of jewelry that go FAR BEYOND words.

Every time I pick up a new piece, I am amazed that it was created BY HAND by someone without fancy machinery or even an office. Most pieces are created in outdoor spaces, by women who are given child care and a hot meal during their work day, by people who are given the opportunity to advance their lives

Shop the Collection   

What is Noonday Collection?

Noonday Collection is a FAIR TRADE company that partners with artisans all over the world, providing dignified jobs in vulnerable communities. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Noonday is committed to creating long term partnerships with our artisans.

And we go *a step further* by looking at each artisan, and each artisan group, as a whole person. We help them to develop their own businesses, provide great working conditions for their artisans, and, beyond that, supporting them to provide hot meals and childcare for all of their artisan workers.

We are also a B-CORP, which means we are *completely transparent* in our business practices, and we put the planet, and the people, before profits. Noonday Collection is able to use it’s power for good, helping to solve social and environmental problems across the globe.

Together we are building a flourishing world where *children are cherished*, women are empowered, people have good paying jobs and live and work in their own communities.

For more, you can watch this video about our story!

For more on what’s new with Noonday, and my FAVORITES on the blog, click here, then join my Noonday World Changers Facebook Group, and follow me on Instagram to see all of my favorite looks and styles!

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Let’s change the world, one purchase at a time!





Friend. YES. Can I tell you something?

It is SO so good that YOU are here.

It is SO so good for me to be here.

It is SO so good to be writing this, living emotionally and spiritually in a place where I am ready to share my journey with you.

Friend, I have been waiting and waiting for this moment to come for a long time now. To get to a place where I can start writing and sharing all that I’ve been working on this year.

You see, I started this year with one goal in mind: to bring security, stillness, and stability into my life. To feel my feet on the ground. And to stand tall, knowing that my footing is securely rooted in each aspect of my life. From family, to my body, to my profession, and my mind. All whole. All clear. All confidently, securely in place.

I chose a word for this year: SECURE. It’s not sexy and certainly doesn’t immediately build a sense of inspiration, but it is EXACTLY what I needed to bring me to where I needed to be.

Then, as has been the pattern in my life for some time, things got a little shook up, I felt myself falling off balance, and I chose stillness, quiet, and a bit of retreating into myself to find solid ground.

And it was okay. It was fine. Because I knew, in my heart, that life doesn’t always grant us the space to build our ideal lives, but if we try, it can give us exactly what we need to get there. 

Professionally, as a yoga teacher, I am on both feet. Personally, as someone who has reached a period of transition and whole living after years of trying, I am clear. As a mom, as a member of this little family, I am whole. And that is all I ever wanted from the beginning.

Join the | Be The LOVE | Community

All of that is to say: I’m good, you guys. Really, really good. And I am SO so excited to share all that is coming with you. From daily inspiration, to all of the fun little projects in my pipeline. I want this space to be somewhere we can connect, have interesting conversations, to get deeper, and get into the stuff that makes us tick. If that sounds interesting to you, join my Facebook Group: Be The LOVE. I promise it will take a lot of fun twists and turns in this next year. And I would love for you to join me on that journey.


See you there!




Shop Update

Hey, friend! Thank you SO MUCH for your interest in my shop! I’m working to bring this online as soon as a few back-end bugs are worked out.

If you live locally to me (in Central Massachusetts), I have limited product available for purchase including some really fun Salty Sugar Scrubs (which are currently my absolute FAVORITE bathtime indulgence).

Check back soon, or visit my Blog to get the latest on when I’ll be up and running online!