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30 Days of Thankful 2017 | Day 03

30 Days of Thankful is a gratitude project run by Cathy Zielske each November. For more on this project, you can read this post. Each day in November I will share one thing that I am grateful for with a photo and some words. I’m also sharing it on Instagram @julieloveg. Join in! Have fun with it! Let’s document gratitude together!

03/30 I am grateful to be a MAKER.

Yesterday I spent the entire day sharing and creating for two creative passions: memory keeping + making handmade bath + beauty products.

In the morning, I had the privilege of presenting about personal transformation through Self-Portraits at my MOPS group. It was SO GOOD. And the opportunity reignite my passion for getting in front of the camera and storytelling my own story (more on that later!).

The evening was dedicated to making a bunch of awesome soaps, dry shampoo, lip scrubs, and face wash for today’s Elementary School PTO Sale.

I am so grateful. I AM SO GRATEFUL! It is so much fun to make these products. The process is a fun, creative indulgence. And knowing that they’re going to be used to care for themselves just makes it that much sweeter.



StL-Moments #01: Breathe & Center

Hi, friend!

One of my favorite – favorite practices is a visualization that helps me to calm and relax my body if I’m feeling tense, stressed, and out of sorts. Now, even knowing that you are tense is something that requires a level of self awareness that can take a long time to develop. We might know that we’re stressed, but not realize how much that stress manifests into every part of our bodies.

Example: right now, close your eyes and feel your jaw. Is it bearing down? How much can you loosen and let go of the grit in your teeth? If you’re noticing that, just imagine how stress reverberates into parts of our body that we can’t name and feel.

It’s there friend, I promise. Stress is something EVERYONE talks about because we’re all experiencing it. Life is hard. Things get to us.

And it can feel impossible to know what to do because, in part IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Yes. It’s true. It is impossible to work through stress from a place of stress. Your body is chemically unable to allow yourself the space and peace of mind to use thinking brain to solve problems. That’s why sometimes we find ourselves wandering around the house, the office, the internet when we’re under pressure. It’s not that the solution is out there, but some part of us is looking for a distraction to take away this feeling of chaos so we can take care of our shit.

In other words, if something stresses you out, the only way to eliminate the thing that is causing you stress is to come at it from a place of not-stressed.

That’s why I recorded and shared this visualization practice first.

Pro Tip: While it’s fine to watch this video anytime, anywhere, it’s probably not going to be very effective if you’re sitting in a public place and feeling like everyone is watching you. It’s not going to be effective if you’re running errands. And it’s not going to be effective if you’re so busy wondering when it’s going to end that you never actually take the time to try it.

So grab some headphones. Head into a dark room or a place with less outside stimulation. Close your eyes. And let’s get started!


So there it is. I hope this is as helpful for you as it is for me.

Please come back to this video as often as you would like. Use the visualization if you’re having trouble working through something challenging. Come back to it if you need space to clear your head. Come back to it if you can’t sleep. If you keep running the same series of thoughts in your mind. Come back to it on a sunny day when you have nothing else to do – for no reason at all.

Just come back. Keep working at it.

Because the more you practice decompressing/destressing the smallest muscles in your body, the more you are able to work through stress rather than being stuck in it, and the happier you’ll be.

Let’s make it happen. Together.




StL-Moments #0: Introduction to Spread the Love Moments

I had this dream MONTHS ago to do something big. To dare to have a bigger presence in the world. And, while it took some time for the idea to come to fruition, it took even longer for me to get the guts to start this thing.

Then something happened. Well, a few things happened. A series of conversations with different people from across my life all culminated with me referencing this idea that I had, but couldn’t quite describe. And the more I mentioned it, the more it seemed to come to realization.

And suddenly, on a random Monday morning, for no reason at all, inspiration struck and I started this thing.

And I’m truly, truly joyful to share it with you now.

So here it is: Spread the Love Moments.


Spread the Love Moments

StL-Moments are meant to be a little boost for your week. An extra bit of goodness, of self-reflection, of care and kindness to kick off your day.

Inspired by the Monday morning yoga class that I teach each week at 5:45am, these videos are meant to give you an opportunity to take it all in, reflect, and start the day with a smile.

They are also meant to get right at the core of who you are. Of what you’re feeling. And of how you can work with that beginning body, as I call it, that beginning self, notice and know it, and work with what you have for the rest of the day, week, and month.

Because we’re always a little different. Because we’re never quite perfect. And because knowing who we are, working with what we are, and loving that process, is truly a practice you can dedicate a lifetime to.

So notice. Listen. Hear. See.

Let’s do this thing. And see where it takes us.


Find the JOY. Be the LIGHT.