Introducing: 30 Days of Thankful – A Gratitude Project

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This week I shared the work that I’ve done in the past with 30 days of Thankful – a project I have done EVERY YEAR since 2012.

Here’s the idea.

What is a Gratitude Project?

It’s super simple. Every day in the month of November, I take a couple of minutes to document something that I am grateful for. I take a photo, I write some words, I drop it all into a small scrapbook and call it good.

If you’re not familiar with gratitude, you should really just watch the live video I did this week in the Facebook group. In 2 minutes, I give you 50 ideas on how to do this whole Gratitude thing. It’s easy.

My Project in 2017

This year I’m taking it a step further. This year I’m writing a rampage of gratitude (something I picked up from Jess Lively’s podcast this summer). The basic idea is to write for a set number of minutes (or as long as you want) about each and every thing you’re grateful for.

When you’re doing it, you are also thinking really positively and feeling the emotion of gratitude.

It gets you in a really awesome mood. No joke. It’s SOOO GOOD.


Stay tuned to hear more on the progress. And check back daily as I share ALL THE THINGS I’m grateful for this month!




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