StL-Moments #0: Introduction to Spread the Love Moments

I had this dream MONTHS ago to do something big. To dare to have a bigger presence in the world. And, while it took some time for the idea to come to fruition, it took even longer for me to get the guts to start this thing.

Then something happened. Well, a few things happened. A series of conversations with different people from across my life all culminated with me referencing this idea that I had, but couldn’t quite describe. And the more I mentioned it, the more it seemed to come to realization.

And suddenly, on a random Monday morning, for no reason at all, inspiration struck and I started this thing.

And I’m truly, truly joyful to share it with you now.

So here it is: Spread the Love Moments.


Spread the Love Moments

StL-Moments are meant to be a little boost for your week. An extra bit of goodness, of self-reflection, of care and kindness to kick off your day.

Inspired by the Monday morning yoga class that I teach each week at 5:45am, these videos are meant to give you an opportunity to take it all in, reflect, and start the day with a smile.

They are also meant to get right at the core of who you are. Of what you’re feeling. And of how you can work with that beginning body, as I call it, that beginning self, notice and know it, and work with what you have for the rest of the day, week, and month.

Because we’re always a little different. Because we’re never quite perfect. And because knowing who we are, working with what we are, and loving that process, is truly a practice you can dedicate a lifetime to.

So notice. Listen. Hear. See.

Let’s do this thing. And see where it takes us.


Find the JOY. Be the LIGHT.




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