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FRIENDS. You guys. OMG. I AM SO GRATEFUL to be able to announce that I am officially an Independent Ambassador for Noonday Collection!!!! GAHH!

After nearly a decade volunteering in international development, I can tell you: it is RARE to find a company so driven to support and work with artisans all over the world, to help them build their own lives, to treat them with dignity and respect, and to co-create GORGEOUS pieces of jewelry that go FAR BEYOND words.

Every time I pick up a new piece, I am amazed that it was created BY HAND by someone without fancy machinery or even an office. Most pieces are created in outdoor spaces, by women who are given child care and a hot meal during their work day, by people who are given the opportunity to advance their lives

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What is Noonday Collection?

Noonday Collection is a FAIR TRADE company that partners with artisans all over the world, providing dignified jobs in vulnerable communities. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Noonday is committed to creating long term partnerships with our artisans.

And we go *a step further* by looking at each artisan, and each artisan group, as a whole person. We help them to develop their own businesses, provide great working conditions for their artisans, and, beyond that, supporting them to provide hot meals and childcare for all of their artisan workers.

We are also a B-CORP, which means we are *completely transparent* in our business practices, and we put the planet, and the people, before profits. Noonday Collection is able to use it’s power for good, helping to solve social and environmental problems across the globe.

Together we are building a flourishing world where *children are cherished*, women are empowered, people have good paying jobs and live and work in their own communities.

For more, you can watch this video about our story!

For more on what’s new with Noonday, and my FAVORITES on the blog, click here, then join my Noonday World Changers Facebook Group, and follow me on Instagram to see all of my favorite looks and styles!

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Let’s change the world, one purchase at a time!




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