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The Spread the Love Project is a BIG thank you to everyone across our lives that has, even in some small way, added joy, lightness, and laughter to a difficult time. For all of those big and small acts of kindness. From random afternoon play dates, to ladies nights out, to those small, kind moments of recognition and care. A smile. A warm embrace. A casserole on our doorstep.

It is, in no small part, thanks to you and your kindness that we have come through this time with positivity. With gratitude. With care and love for those around us. Because even in our darkest of dark moments – we always knew, deep down, that we were loved and cared for by others. That we had, as we still do today, a community of people cheering us on. That had our back. That we could count on if we ever needed to call on them.

And that matters. A LOT.

So while there is no way for us to truly match that kindness, this project is a small way for us to help our gratitude spread throughout this caring community of people and to send it out to the world. Far and beyond our lives. Let it ripple, like raindrops as they touch the surface of water, and with enough raindrops, and with enough acts of gratitude, just like the tide, we can shift the course of our days.

Because we are ALL connected. We are ALL in this together. Let us ALL feel loved. Feel joy. Feel the kindness of others. And soak it in. Feel it in your heart. And then let it reverberate throughout each thing that you do. So that you know, as we do, that you have a community of people that have your back. That are cheering you on. And that you, in turn, are cheering them on as well.

How to Participate in #TheSpreadTheLoveProject

Write a letter. Send a note. Make a Facebook comment. Tell the people that bring the smallest moments of joy to your life that you appreciate them. Share gratitude with everyone around you.

Start with 10.

10 letters. 10 Facebook messages. 10 Instagram shout outs or snap chats. 10 sugar scrubs in 10 mail boxes.

Send it out. And end with the same message, every time:

Let us share and track its progress throughout our communities. online. in person. at the grocery store. in your office.

Because everyone deserves to be touched by kindness. Everyone can benefit from an act of gratitude. And when we fill our world with gratitude and kindness, it comes back to us. Reverberating good deeds. Echoing joy. And soak it in. And echo it back out once again.


Spread the love, friend. Spread it, share it, and soak it in.


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